What is vaping?

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In short, vaping is a process which sees a person inhaling and then exhaling a series of water droplets which have been turned into vapour through the aid of a vaporizer. The droplets – produced by e-liquids – are converted in an atomiser chamber.

When it comes to vaping for beginners, we understand the more technical side of things probably isn’t all too easy to follow, so think about it like this:

    • Step One: A battery connects to the base of your atomiser to power it


    • Step Two: The atomiser itself, which is what converts the liquid to vapour, attaches to a container (where your e-liquid goes)


    • Step Three: As an optional step, an atomiser can contain a coil which customises things like vapour viscosity and flavour


  • Step Four:The vapour is then inhaled via the use of a drip tip – with it travelling from the container into this mouthpiece

Vapers receive relief from cravings as a result of the substances contained in the vapours they’re taking into their lungs. These are designed to contain nicotine, but crucially in lower quantity than you’d experience when smoking a regular cigarette. They vary from 0mg to 24mg.

Interestingly, the vapour you exhale is thicker than standard smoke, but also dissipates quicker in the atmosphere, with a much more fragrant and universally appealing smell for vapers and non-vapers alike.

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