Vaping for Beginners: A Guide to Getting Started with Vaping

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If you’ve been a smoker for years and aren’t prepared to totally kick the habit of a lifetime, vaping is probably an avenue you’ve considered as a substitute for your cravings. Vaping for beginners can often prove a little daunting, which is why we’ve decided to provide you with a guide to diving headfirst into the vapour-world.

Today you’ll discover all about the world of vaping, as we cover topics like:

  • What it actually is
  • What e-cigarettes and e-liquids are, and how they work
  • The best starter kits to try
  • The vaping community

So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and enter into a wondrous new world, follow the information we’ve laid out for you in this useful guide. Take heed, and you’ll be blowing all sorts of crazy clouds in no time at all.

What is vaping?

In short, vaping is a process which sees a person inhaling and then exhaling a series of water droplets which have been turned into vapour through the aid of a vaporizer. The droplets – produced by e-liquids – are converted in an atomiser chamber.

When it comes to vaping for beginners, we understand the more technical side of things probably isn’t all too easy to follow, so think about it like this:

  • Step One:  A battery connects to the base of your atomiser to power it
  • Step Two: The atomiser itself, which is what converts the liquid to vapour, attaches to a container (where your e-liquid goes)
  • Step Three: As an optional step, an atomiser can contain a coil which customises things like vapour viscosity and flavour
    • Step Four:The vapour is then inhaled via the use of a drip tip – with it travelling from the container into this mouthpiece

    Vapers receive relief from cravings as a result of the substances contained in the vapours they’re taking into their lungs. These are designed to contain nicotine, but crucially in lower quantity than you’d experience when smoking a regular cigarette. They vary from 0mg to 24mg.

    Interestingly, the vapour you exhale is thicker than standard smoke, but also dissipates quicker in the atmosphere, with a much more fragrant and universally appealing smell for vapers and non-vapers alike.


    The e-cigarettes themselves are the tools which make vaping for beginners (and everyone, for that matter) possible. Also known as pens or vaporizers, these handy little gizmos come in more than form, and act as the basis for your experience.

    The three main types of e-cigarettes available are:

    • Disposables – these are usually designed to look more like regular cigarettes (with the classic orange and white design) and contain a restricted amount of e-liquid which often needs to be refilled. Costing you roughly £10-£15 on their own, it’s not really worth spending another £10 or so every time you want to add a new cartridge – leading to most being thrown out and replaced when empty.
    • Refillable e-cigs – these are the most common vaporizers on the market. Refillable e-cigs will cost you around £35, but have a very long battery life and produce a much nicer quality of vapour than their disposable cousins. While basic, they do the job and are the perfect stepping stone for anyone new to the trend.
    • Mods – mods are a more complicated tool which become appealing to people who have been vaping for a while. They naturally cost more, and also require more powerful batteries to keep them ticking over. Generally speaking, these types of pens are best saved for experienced pros.

    The modification process doesn’t target only the way in which vapour is released however, with the actual design of the hardware also able to be tinkered with to suit someone’s creative flair. Fancy blowing fumes from a Harry Potter wand or a mini R2-D2? It can be achieved if you’re skilled enough in crafting.


    The core ingredient for any enjoyable vaping session comes in the form of the scrumptious e-liquid you choose to make the base of your flavour-kick. Most vapers will agree this aspect of the process is the most beneficial when compared to smoking, as it provides the same type of nicotine rush but in a considerably tastier manner.

    While recipes will vary greatly, the core of most e-liquids (or e-juices) sees the same types of ingredients thrown into the mix:

    • Propylene glycol
    • Vegetable glycerine
    • Food flavourings
    • Nicotine

    This combination of items will be played around with between brands (in regards to their percentages and secondary ingredients) to produce a finished flavour which sticks on the taste buds for a long time afterwards – for all the right reasons.

    While vaping beginners might find it hard to believe the flavours they’ll be able to sample, the possibilities do really appear to be endless. To name just a few currently on the market, flavours include the likes of ice cream, biscuits, fruits, lollipops and milkshakes.

    E-liquids are where most people starting off on their vape journey can put a personal stamp on the experience. While modding your vapourizer is somewhat difficult, finding an e-liquid which works perfectly for you is considerably easier. Experiment with flavours, and even mix some if you’re feeling creative.

    Starter kits

    When searching for the best vaping starter kits, there are several different factors you’ll want to take into account. You’ll ideally want to find a kit which incorporates all the basic necessities and gadgets, but with a few extra items thrown in for good measure.

    Things to look for in a decent kit targeted at vaping beginners include:

    • A refillable vape pen/vaporizer
    • USB charging cable and a battery
    • Atomiser coils and springs
    • Mods, if you’re looking to customise your vape from the get-go

    Since the inception of vaping in 2006, several brands have risen to prominence and now offer their selection of starter kits for anyone looking to give the practice a go for the first time.

    A particularly decent brand for first-timers is Aspire, who offer a Cleito coil with their device – helping to keep your tank naturally clean with little-to-no fuss.

    Small touches like this make a significant difference for beginners who might naturally be a little put off by the potential maintenance which goes hand-in-hand with operating a completely alien device for the first time.

    Some more complicated items include screwdrivers and tweezers – which are often cracked out when maintenance needs to be carried out. Understandably, this might seem a little daunting for newbies.

    Vaping Community

    Last but by no means least, it’s worth taking a quick look at a phenomenon that nobody could have predicted when vaping was introduced for the first time over 10 years ago.

    Just as smoking clubs once existed for gentlemen to meet in and converse, so too has a community evolved around young men and women meeting up and attempting to blow the most impressive vapour rings and shapes.

    Vaping tricks have quickly become something of a pseudo-sport for the community, with lots of different names given to these incredible feats of oral brilliance. Start vaping and sooner or later you’ll be cracking out a few of these bad boys:

    • The Last O-bender
    • The Dragon
    • The Bubble
    • The Tornado

    Such is the popularity of these community-driven events that official tournaments, such as the VC Cloud Championships and the Vapour Dynasty Expo, have sprung up to give people an outlet to express their skills.

    Armed with a better understanding of the world of vape, do you now want to take it up? We certainly hope so. Vaping for beginners might seem like a relatively hard nut to crack, but if you ease yourself into the process with a decent starter kit and a good knowledge of how things work, you should find yourself adapting to the vaping lifestyle before you know it.

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