The Best Vape Starter Kits for Beginners

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When kicking off your time in the world of vape, it’s hard to know what the right products to start your journey are. When it comes to the best vape starter kits there are a wide variety which may on the surface all seem the same, but actually offer very different features.

The best vape kit for you isn’t necessarily the same as it is for the next person – but we’re nevertheless going to endeavour to bring you a list of five of the most popular for you to choose from. These kits were designed for newbies, and should be perfect for anyone getting into vaping for the first time.

1. Aspire K4 Quick Start Kits

Aspire are a brand who pride themselves on their ability to appeal to both experienced and new vapers alike – which is why the K4 Quick Start should certainly be on top of a lot of people’s wish lists when it comes to their first steps into the world of vape.

For the best vaping experience possible for a newcomer, this versatile device provides you with all the basics – with a rechargeable battery and tank, which are both easy to operate on first use.

The real sweetener comes in the form of the clever Cleito coil you’ll find located in the tank itself. This will allow you to select how much of a cloud you want to release into the atmosphere. It can be controlled as simply as by giving it a little twist.

The battery is also built to last, with a system which protects against short circuiting, low voltage and overheating – meaning you don’t have to worry about the technical side of things. When it comes to the best vape starter kits, this is arguably Vape Town’s top recommendation.

What it includes:

  • K4 cylinder battery
  • K4 3.5ml juice tank
  • 0.27 ohm replaceable Cleito atomiser heads
  • Cleito coil


2. Eleaf IJust Starter Kit

There’s a lot to like about this kit, which comes in a variety of five unique colours for people to choose from. Ready to use straight out of the box, the Eleaf has again been designed with the best vaping experience in mind for beginners.

A sleek finish might imply a lack of tech and quality within the product itself, but the slim design belies a vape kit which is actually chocked full of some of the most advanced features you’re likely to find in a pen of this variety.

The crowning glory comes in the form of an LED display which shows you exactly how much battery life you have left in your tank after every use. The tank itself is also clear – making it far easier to top up and keep a track of e-liquid usage.

An airflow control ring also allows you to decide how much of a cloud you want to distribute, while the battery has been made chargeable by a handy micro USB port.

What it includes:

  • IJust 1300mAh Battery Tube
  • Eleaf GS Air 2 Atomizer Tube
  • Eleaf GS Air Drip tip
  • Eleaf GS 1.5 Ohm Air Heads
  • USB Micro charge cable


3. My Von Erl Starter Kit

This Chinese brand have decided to approach their model with a “cigalike” design in mind – something which was more common in the early days of vaping, but is slowly starting to see a resurgence.

This set stands out as one of the best vape starter kits for beginners primarily because of a clever use of technology which makes use of refill pods. These are small attachments containing e-liquid, which make refilling your pen considerably easier.

A compact aluminium build packs in a bevy of amazing features and tech – which is all able to easily fit inside your pocket. Charging is again provided via a USB device which connects directly to your PC.

The package works well as both a starter and a backup kit for vapers who have already been in the community for a while. A combo of traits for newbies and experienced users alike means the My is one of those rare devices appealing to everyone.

What it includes:

  • My Von Erl Vape Pen
  • USB Charging cable
  • My 1.6ml Ohm tank
  • Refill Pod (tobacco 18mg)


4. Innokin Cool Fire Pebble Slipstream Starter

Innokin have clearly targeted this model at vapers who are a little less confident – which is what makes the Cool Fire Pebble Slipstream a decent option for first-timers. With an elegantly designed casing, this vape starter kit can be taken anywhere without the risk of breaking.

An LED located within the unit allows you to vary the level of wattage used for each vape, from as low as 6 Watts to 50, dependent on your needs at the time. Ideal power levels come in the 25-30 range, where the Slipstream sub-ohm tank is said to do its best work.

A push-and-turn access to the tank itself makes it easy for adults to access, but practically impossible for little ones to play with if they accidentally stumble across it. A coil system is also used to control airflow and customise your vapour cloud.

A USB cable comes as standard for charging, while you can choose from a range of colours, including blue, black, white, gold and coffee. Some variants will even come provided with a stainless steel Slipstream tank.

What it includes:

  • Pebble 50 Watt mod
  • Innokin Slipstream 2ml tank
  • 0.8 Ohm atomizer coil (fitted)
  • 05. Ohm atomizer coil (spare)
  • USB Battery charging cable


5. Kanger Arymi Armor DL Starter Kit

An instant appeal of this Kanger product comes in the form of mod which allows you to stealthily vape your pipe or pen without so much as a whisper of cloud escaping. While many people would argue this is the whole point of the vape experience, it’s nevertheless a handy feature for people trying to be a bit more discrete.

While this is a direct lung (DL) product – something which most vapers work their way up to after some experience – the Armyi Armor is nevertheless one of the best vape starter kits for first-timers who want to throw themselves in at the deep end.

The atomiser tank which accompanies this DL product has therefore been designed to be very easy to refill for newbies, and comes with a 0.3 Ohm tank and clean hands changeable coil as standard.

Much like a lot of the other products we’ve covered, there’s also a clever system which gives you a constant idea of how much charge is left in the device – with the atomiser itself hitting ideal efficiency at around the 15-50 Watt mark.

What it includes:

  • Arymi Armor 2600mAh Mod
  • Arymi Armor 3ml atomizer tank
  • Armor CHC replaceable 0.3 Ohm coil
  • USB Charging cable

Any of these kits provide some of the best vaping experience for newcomers. If you’d like to try one of them out for yourself, why not check out the amazing range Vape Town offer customers? If you’re looking to take your first steps in this exciting world of fragrant plumes, make sure you check out our products before anything else.

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