5 Of The Best UK E-Liquid Variants for 2021

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Often overlooked by experienced and newbie vapers alike, e-liquids are in reality at the very core of what makes vaping so much more appealing than traditional cigarettes for most people. When it comes to finding the best UK e-liquid, it’s not as simple as picking any old brand name and declaring them the superior option.

It’s for that exact reason we’ve put this list together. We’ve meticulously sampled a wide range of flavours from across the vaping world, judging them on the likes of:

  • Flavour
  • Potency
  • Aftertaste

If you’re looking for a new taste sensation to blow you away in 2017, you’d do very well to start using one – or all – of these five e-liquids. We promise whichever one you choose, you’ll find something which changes the way you vape forever.

 1. ASAP Grape – Nasty Juice

This uniquely-named flavour sensation is the most popular in the Nasty Juice range, and (unsurprisingly) sees a primary flavour of grape combined with a series of other fruits – in far smaller proportions – to achieve a finish which sets your taste buds alight.

ASAP Grape is one of the smoothest experiences currently on the market, and it’s this agreeable sensation which makes it stand out as one of the best UK e-liquid variants. Unlike a lot of other grape juice-flavoured liquids, there is no burning or bitter aftertaste with ASAP – something which has been known to occur regularly elsewhere.

An infusion of berries is believed to be the reason for this, with their sweetness counteracting the sometimes bitter flavour of grape. With deliciousness on both the inhale and exhale, this one is definitely worth giving a go at some point.

  • Flavour – 8/10
  • Potency – 7/10
  • Aftertaste – 8/10

2. Screamo Mango – Monsta Vape

Lovers all of things tropical can indulge themselves with this one. Screamo Mango continues to prove one of the most popularly selling e-liquids on the Vape Town website, and it’s not hard to see why when you consider the power of the fruit which lends the core flavour to the product.

Mangos are a potent fruit, so it’s no surprise they’re able to steal the show when made the key ingredient. A real hit of citrus is what awaits any intrepid vaper who decides they’d like to give this exciting Monsta Vape offering a try.

A sweet tang will greet vapers when they take in this tropical treat, and it earns its spot on the list chiefly because of the fact we’re still yet to meet anyone who’s tried the flavour and said they dislike it. 100% satisfaction rate is never a bad thing.

  • Flavour – 9/10
  • Potency – 7/10
  • Aftertaste – 7/10

 3. Green Apple/Kiwi Redberry – Element Emulsions

Element Emulsions are currently, in our humble opinion, one of the most exciting brands in the vaping world. They’ve managed to beat their competitors to the punch by continuing to successfully experiment with flavour combinations which might not naturally seem like they work together.

Green Apple & Kiwi Redberry is arguably the tastiest of the flavours they have on offer, and is the latest and greatest name in the ever-popular 80/20 series. The sweet sensation of redberry, combined with the juiciness of an apple, results in an amalgamation which leaves your mouth watering.

As one of the best UK e-liquids available, you’ll find this unique mix will not only provide you with incredibly satisfied senses, but it also appeals to anyone you’re hanging out with – even if they themselves are not vapers. The renowned sweet aromas of the EE brand are nationally adored, so jump on the bandwagon.

  • Flavour – 7/10
  • Potency – 7/10
  • Aftertaste – 8/10

4. Ectoplasm – Fuzion Vapor

Ectoplasm is the gooey substance left behind after a ghost has made a visit, so it stands to reason there would be a delicious e-liquid named after it, right? Okay, maybe not – but don’t let the rather startling name put you off trying this scrumptious flavour out for yourself.

This luminous green offering from Fuzion Vapor is an oldie but a goldie when it comes to its flavourings, with a lemon and lime combination coming together in an explosion of sugary goodness. Although it has a very late eighties to early nineties feel about it (the packaging is reminiscent of Ghostbusters mascot Slimer), Ectoplasm appeals to vapers of all ages.

Vapers from all age brackets enjoy this explosion of deliciousness. As one of the best UK e-liquid variants on the market, Ectoplasm will appeal to anyone who enjoys a sweet taste when they vape. We highly recommend giving it a try – especially if you’re a paranormal aficionado.

  • Flavour – 7/10
  • Potency – 8/10
  • Aftertaste – 7/10

 5. Sex On The Beach – Golden Drops

Concluding our list is a cocktail flavour which, despite it’s rather raunchy name, is fun for all the family. There are two different ways of making Sex on the Beach, and the version which Golden Drops have opted for includes melon, cranberry and the primary ingredient of pineapple.

This all makes for a final product which is universally adored, with a sweet and fruity flavouring that appeals to everyone. A crisp chill of pineapple is a welcome one on the inhale, while an aftertaste which incorporates all the key fruits which make up the recipe leaves you satisfied for hours.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the original cocktail this e-liquid is named after – while it does have some trace elements, it’s ultimately different enough for people to recognise it as its own individual flavour. If you’re after something which packs a punch, Vape Town would encourage you to try this concoction out for yourself.

  • Flavour – 9/10
  • Potency – 7/10
  • Aftertaste – 7/10

Have any of these amazing options taken your fancy? These are five of the best UK e-liquid brands and flavours currently available, so you’d be remiss if you didn’t give at least one of them a try in the near future. You’ll probably find a new favourite to enjoy.

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